3 Best Bushcraft Knives 2021 – Review

Best Bushcraft Knives

All knives we looked at were of outstanding workmanship as expected by the brands. We think you’ll agree that you can’t go wrong with any of these knives. Having a good bushcraft knife in the wilderness is a must for any serious bushcraft enthusiast. We took a look at multiple knives from a number of manufacturers … Read more

Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife Review

Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife Review

The Ontario Blackbird SK-5 is a utilitarian knife that performs well beyond the expectations of anyone who would see its basic, no-frills look. Do not let looks deceive you, as this knife can respond to your bush crafting, survival, camping, and hunting needs as well. It is also a perfect mainstay in your bug-out bag … Read more

Enzo Trapper 95 Knife Review

Enzo Trapper 95 Knife

The Enzo Trapper 95 knife is a very popular bushcraft knife. It features top-notch materials and a design that is really quite streamlined compared to much of the competition. The knife retails at around $120, so interested parties may want to try one out before they decide whether they want to buy it. Specs Length, … Read more

Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 Knife Review

Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 Review

The Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 is actually part of a family of knives that all share a set of specific characteristics. As the name implies, these are not traditionally used as survival or camping knives, however, the popularity of Mora knives as inexpensive providers of quality has made these particular models favorites amongst bushcrafters who seek … Read more