Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmade knife knife

Why does anyone want to have the best Benchmade knife? Why anyone trust Benchmade Company? It’s the work that goes into making a product that makes it something special. When it comes to knives, those made by the Benchmade Knife Company are considered among the best knives on the market today. Benchmade is a leading … Read more

Enzo Trapper 95 Knife Review

Enzo Trapper 95 Knife

The Enzo Trapper 95 knife is a very popular bushcraft knife. It features top-notch materials and a design that is really quite streamlined compared to much of the competition. The knife retails at around $120, so interested parties may want to try one out before they decide whether they want to buy it. Specs Length, … Read more

Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 Knife Review

Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 Review

The Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 is actually part of a family of knives that all share a set of specific characteristics. As the name implies, these are not traditionally used as survival or camping knives, however, the popularity of Mora knives as inexpensive providers of quality has made these particular models favorites amongst bushcrafters who seek … Read more

Marttiini Lynx Lumberjack Review

Marttiini Lynx Lumberjack Review

The Marttiini Lynx Lumberjack is a knife that is likely to appeal to those who want to truly take things back to basics. With a traditional sheath, a simple wooden handle, and a very high-quality blade, this is really what bushcraft is all about. It might not be fancy, but the Lynx Lumberjack Knife is definitely … Read more

Top 5 Best Wusthof Paring Knives Review

Top 5 Best Wusthof Paring Knives Review

Paring knives are great for small and precise cutting jobs. If you need to peel fruits or vegetables, open a package, or make any other little cut, then a paring knife is just the tool to do it. For nearly 2 centuries, the Wusthof family has produced high-quality knives and accessories to meet all your … Read more