Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife Review

The Ontario Blackbird SK-5 is a utilitarian knife that performs well beyond the expectations of anyone who would see its basic, no-frills look. Do not let looks deceive you, as this knife can respond to your bush crafting, survival, camping, and hunting needs as well. It is also a perfect mainstay in your bug-out bag as it is dependable, multi-functional, and can help you in surviving the wild. Food preparation is much easier with its razor-sharp finish that helps in easy cleaning up your hunting game too.

Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife


  • The knife is made of 154 cm Stainless Steel;
  • The blade runs a total length of 5”;
  • The knife’s overall length is at 10″;
  • The blade has a thickness width of 0.13″;
  • It comes with a rounded Micarta canvas handle;
  • The sheath that comes with it is MOLLE Compatible;
  • The knife weighs 8.4 oz.
  • The sheath weighs 3.5 oz.
  • The knife is manufactured in the USA;

The Blade Details of Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife

The knife is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion. The steel is tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor activities such as batoning. Having said that, the knife is also sharp enough to carry out intricate activities such as carving or making, feather-sticks.

The Blackbird SK5 can be used straight from its packaging because it is delivered as razor-sharp, at its edges. The default sharpness level of the knife can be easy, restored when needed, so you will never have to worry.

Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Blade

From carving, hunting, animal cleaning, even to meal preparation, the knife is ready to use as soon as you tear open the package.

Spear pointed knives are not so common in the United States, but the manufacturer of the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Fixed Blade Knife knows such features will make the knife all the more functional and useful.

The pointed edge helps much in finer knife activities such as carving, cleaning up wood, tool-making, and cleaning and preparing food.

The spear-like tip also gives the owner an edge, when it comes to survival and tactical skills as it makes the knife easier to stab or drive into any surface.

The Handle Details of Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife

The handle of this knife promotes a natural grip as it covers the hand of its owner comfortably, also making it much easier to use and manipulate while using. The knife becomes safer to use too as the user can grip it firmly without any discomfort.

Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Handle

In fact, the round and the ergonomically-designed handle are easy on the grasp, regardless of the grip is on the ice pick, forward, inverted, or reverse type of hold. The length of the handle is just perfect to ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

One of the reasons for that comfortable and anti-slip grip is the canvas surface of the scaled Micarta, which is in turn the material used for the handle.

The Sheath Details of Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife

The sheath that comes with the SK5 Blackbird is as utilitarian as the weapon that it protects. The sheath is simple, basic, and functional and is MOLLE-Compatible. It also provides rigid protection for the blade, as well as the wearer as it is carried around in the wild.

The sheath also comes with a belt loop that makes it easier and more comfortable to carry.

The Usefulness of the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife

The Ontario Blackbird does not carry extra weight. The simple design and no non-sense construction simply means fewer accessories and extras that will make it a pain to lug around.

The knife’s designer focused on the fact that it is a survival knife, and he made sure that the blade will be the only tool you will need to keep you safe from the elements and help you survive the wild outdoors.

It is a low-maintenance knife. You do not have to sharpen it every now and then. There is no need to oil it every after use to retain its sharpness and edge. No special treatments are needed to be carried out.

Just clean it up after use, and before storing, without any fuss. If you will need to restore its sharpness, you will not need to exert equivalent effort because it quickly responds to re-sharpening.

Well- From the blade down to the handle, the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Bushcraft Knife could just be the best bushcraft knife in the market. The stainless steel finish and the edge makes it a great tool for any outdoor activity.

The round handle fills the grip such that it can comfortably handle no matter what knife holds the position you prefer. It is basic, it is multi-functional and its simplicity does not undermine its usefulness at all.

The strength of the stainless steel blade, the spear-like tip, and the robustness of the knife make for a very dependable ally in any outdoor activity.

The Ontario SK5 will help you in woodcarving, tool-making, hunting, and food preparation, and could even transform into a veritable tactical defense weapon that might just help you survive any untoward event outdoors.

The Blackbird sk5 is a no-nonsense outdoor survival knife that holds true to its promise of being a reliable tool to survive the wild. It can be used in activities such as hunting, camping, preparing food, and defending oneself from wild animals or unscrupulous individuals.

The greater thing about it is that the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Survival Knife does not fail to deliver. It holds true to its promise of being the only tool you will need to survive the wild.

Who Needs It Most?

Outdoorsmen and bushcrafters tend to benefit the most from the Ontario Blackbird Knife. It is a perfect companion for any activity in the wild that will call for hunting, survival, and camping skills.

You can easily make tools, weapons, and shelters from this knife. Feather sticks and logs can also be, made quickly. It can create campfires easily, which is perfect for surviving the outdoors and when signaling distress.

Since dangers and risks are not far off when you are in the wild, knife owners can rest assured that the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife is a reliable weapon that they can use to defend themselves from wild animals.

Also a dependable tactical gear, the knife can be used for self-defense when the need arises.


  • Basic but fully loaded with functionality. Do not let the simple design lead you to think that it is not a multi-functional knife. The Blackbird SK5 is also multi-functional, as it is a perfect tool for any outdoor activity.
  • Made of Stainless Steel. The knife’s stainless steel blade makes its razor-sharp edge last longer. It is non-corrosive and easy to re-sharpen. It is so sharp that intricate activities such as carving and even wild animal cooking as well as preparation can be easy, carried out minus the hassle.
  • Light and Easy. The knife does not require any special maintenance routine. All you need is to wipe it down before storing it, and it will be good to go on your next adventure. Since it is basic and simple, it is light to carry – no unnecessary features that will add weight to your belt!


  • Spear Tip Edge. While some see this as an advantage, some knife owners who are not used to this type of edge may get concerned over the tip of the knife getting in the way of carrying out certain bushcraft activities.
  • The sheath is not as impressive. Some users are not too keen on the sheath that comes with the SK5 Blackbird saying it could be much better than that. They suggest that a leather sheath could have been a better alternative.

Final Verdict

The Ontario Blackbird Knife is a practical choice when it comes to buying a survival knife that you can truly rely on. The Ontario SK5 knife is an unassuming but totally reliable knife that can be your partner in any survival, hunting, and camping expedition that you may take.

The spear tip point is a great weapon that can defend you from wild animals during hunting, and can also be used as a tactical weapon if needed.

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The stainless steel blade is razor-sharp, non-corrosive, and very robust. It can withstand demanding outdoor activities such as batoning and could help even in intricate activities such as carving.

It is designed to be simple and utilitarian such that it can be the best outdoor knife in its class without unnecessary features and accessories that may reduce its usefulness. It will last you for years and is a perfect partner for surviving the wild.

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