How to Clean Granite Cutting Boards?

Granite, a highly intrusive and the most igneous rock, used to manufacture millions of products, especially utensils. As undeniably gobsmacking and beatific it is, it is in fact highly rigid and tough as well and diamond is the only known substance with the ability to cut through or scratch its surface.

This is why they are frequently bought and preferred by consumers as they are resistant to scratches and staining and dulling by other utensils used on its surface.

But, it is not quite as simple and easy to clean them. Despite being very rigidly strong, and resistant to many factors they can be highly sensitive to treatment with regular washing liquids, and this why we are here to guide them on the appropriate and suitable way to clean them.

Cleaning it and the frustration of the damage that might be caused is highly anxious as granite can be sensitive to the acidity of washing liquids, wine, or even vinegar products just like marbles are or many other products made out of natural stone are.

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Pick an Easy to Follow Schedule

By schedule, I do not mean a strictly followed time but an easy to carry out routine. You would need warm water and a piece of cloth. You might want to use and shift tap water to distilled water in case of mineral or chlorine contents.

Do not apply overly dipped cloth in water for the risk of leaving water spots.

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Try Avoiding Acidic Concentrations

Many people prefer washing liquids the best for cutting boards but you need to use one like pH-neutral liquid soap that causes absolutely no harm particularly Seventh Generation that works well enough.

If you really believe in using something stronger then you can try Simple Green Stone Cleaner which will be safe for your granite cutting board as well.

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Polish the Granite Cutting Board

There are many ways to clean your granite board naturally. But try on some chamois on a damp, smooth surface and a single gush of cloth will do the work. If you need it to be glossier then there are some commercial granite polishes to buy.

Or you can make one yourself at your pace at home! All you need to do is take a 3:1 ratio of alcohol and water along with pH neutral dish liquid soap and apply it in a spray bottle with wiping it off with a cloth.

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Or you can also make polishing liquid with ¼:3 of baking soda to water. But you need to perform this as mentioned, by applying with a proper sponge, wiping the dripping excess liquid, then buffing a bit with chamois and you are done.

If Something Spills, Wipe It Off Instantly

If something spills on the cutting board, you need to wipe it off immediately. Try not rubbing or spreading with the cloth but instead try blotting and then wiping it off. Or you can even try a poultice if you happen to find a stain over your granite cutting board.

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