Fiskars Brush Axe Review

In this Fiskars axe review, I will present you the ups and downs of the Brush axe on 5 analysis points and after the conclusion, you will have at your disposal a beautiful photo gallery.

I’ve long been in search of a universal survival tool, and it seems that finally, my search will stop with the discovery of an amazing tool called (somewhat modest, only) Brush Axe, made by Fiskars company.

1. Features of Fiskars Brush Axe

  • With a length of 50 cm and a weight of 450 grams, brush axe features include in it (by length) machetes (with low weight) and the hook (special geometry of the blade)
  • As a proportion constitutive of this tool can be said to be half slide, half handle.
  • Blade of about 23 cm is 55mm wide, 2.5 mm thick, and looks very much like a sickle. A very solid tool blade looks very good with the English (and limited) “billhook” born nearly 1000 years of necessities required vast hardwood forests of Europe. The beak/hook blade is very well designed and I will detail it below.
Fiskars Brush Axe

2. How do we use Fiskars Brush Axe?

  • Fiskars-Brush-Axe-for-the-money with any hook, the hook is hanging cut reason.
  • Besides the ability to cut through the grip (as would eg sickle cut one cob of corn or cane/reed swamp thick), Fiskars Brush Survival Axe has the great advantage that it can cut with a machete blade-like branches, canes, and creepers strong and elastic without them can still escape slide action – because of its beak curved end.
  • Even those caught “on top” will be cut (because of the continuous curve edges of the beak) without being able to escape over the top tool (as happens frequently with tools that have a straight blade that is trying to cut materials relatively thin and flexible).
  • At work performed (eg building a shelter in the forest) has the advantage that it can pull hook fallen material to be grabbed and processed further – good free hand to help the worker (eg cutting a small tree and hanging him for to be cleaned of twigs, sharp or jagged to blend without leaving the tool in hand). Also, if straw stumps on missed shots, hook taking the first contact with the support, avoid the unnecessary dulling blade.
  • Like other relatives Fiskars, Brush Axe’s blade is coated with Teflon that besides greatly reducing friction materials cut, is also anticorrosive.
  • The handle is all the famous Nyglass cavity that can support the easy almost unreal wheel of a tractor without a problem. With a usable length of 27 cm (which actually can be grabbed) and 20 cm deep inside the tool, the handle is a handle for axe Fiskars classic, elliptical, ergonomic, lightweight, and extremely durable.
  • At the other end are tailed models with 2 holes that can pass a connection to be secure on the wrist. The handle is long, allowing also a very solid intake mani 2 which is specific only conceivable axes and machetes or knives if khukri type.
  • 20 cm deep inside handle almost double the capacity Fiskars Utility Knife handle, makes it a very valuable container for carrying survival kit, fire kit, rope, or just some handy features such as cell, flint/lighter, etc… Due to the favourable conformation of the handle is very easy to improvise a tight cap (eg polyurethane foam/insulation pipe / etc …)
  • The tool comes with a protective blade holder type blister, black plastic.
  • Honestly, I found the lack of pockets quite painful because, in this configuration, the tool can at most be related to a backpack or carried in it – in any case, worn on the body, it is very uncomfortable and lacking grip options/place.
  • I would have liked a sheath model as is done by Fiskars Brush Thinner Gerber.
  • Lack of sheath is the only drawback that I found the Fiskars Brush Axe.
  • Fortunately, this disadvantage is not at all a performance tool that is absolutely tremendous! Brush Axe through a filament incandescent material!

3. How Fiskars Brush Axe behaves

  • Although it has only 450 grams, the tool has an amazing dynamic. Because the overall weight is an oriented blade (centre of gravity is 5 cm handle) has a power cutting/splitting exceptional for a tool so easy.
  • I cut with Axes Brush from simple long wiregrass to woody weeds as thick as a finger … go through them like butter but her true strength and terrible “bite” you can not see then against serious material.
  • For tests used acacia wood and green so dry and spiky wood of “sloe” dry. Both types of wood are known to be very difficult to cut / machine and yet, I have encountered no difficulty.
  • At least in terms of green wood can say that could cut thick stems appreciate a simple oblique shot without much preparation.
  • The size of the test material was chosen to start from the premise of a potential survival situation where the ratio of collected material and effort must be kept in perfect balance.
  • Obviously, we tested (absolutely useless, just for the sake of art) tool, and the famous and well-loved (only some) method batoning’s … Obviously behaved excellently! I pulled a board from a quarter just for the heck of a tree in “V”.
  • For tests, pictures are absolutely enlightening.
  • Brush Axe can cut trees thick as an adult with a simple foot condition that the user is determined to do it. Axes Brush tool that can do this for sure.
  • Simply touch the blade cuts everything and despite having a very hard and is capable of very fine things only by a simple change of setting.
  • Held close to the blade, can fuzz sticks very easily, as easy as can sharpen the hook, a dry twig three fingers thick as a pencil. With it, you can cut slices of wood or you can do curls very fine without any problem.

4. When to use Fiskars Brush Axe?

  • Altogether, Axes Brush is a great tool and very capable. Its applications are endless and I think you should not miss it from anywhere where there is evidence for serious work with wood.
  • To use (to tell him so …) domestic Brush Axe is useful in defrisatul yard tree seedlings, the unwanted bushes and weeds to cleaning the dry branches of trees, hedges straighten, etc… Can be useful for example in beet harvesting or harvesting cattail … for making mats and roofs. It can be used for cutting wood management every year (for various uses) grown shrubs beside a stump … to build fences of stakes or poles … you can use sharpen craftsmen making baskets for harvesting Rachitei or the one to produce mature …
  • For survival, situations are invaluable because it includes the Brush Axe and the machete features in one easy and ergonomic shape. Can cut, split, chop fine, sharp hoe (due to rounded tip) without any problem. Attached with a nail board (with large flower) at a strain of 1.5 m makes solid as a brave soldier armed as Elvetziene Guard at the Vatican.
  • The handle may contain vital survival items that will not consume extra space, you can wrap him extra rope very useful. With a drawing pin and a rapporteur on the blade, one can improvise a clinometer.
  • A solid blade can beat stakes as well as the uncut side can crush everything you do not want to be cut. In conjunction with a knife, it’s always the combination that will help you get through emergencies.

Conclusions about Fiskars Brush Axe

In practical terms, Fiskars Brush Axe is:

  • Lighter than an axe but as dedicated and hardworking
  • The same size but more solid than a machete
  • Longer and more versatile than a khukri but not so aggressive that “look”

Lightweight and extremely strong – in the trunk, tied ATV, a mountain bike frame or backpack, hunting, fishing, Bushcrafting or dramatize, Brush Axe will not ever disappoint you.

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I personally, in my travels will not take me as long as you have an Axes Brush tool at hand … a versatile, lightweight but very strong and precise which I highly recommend.

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