Best Shun Paring Knives 2023 – Reviews

No kitchen will be complete without a set of great paring knives. If you are interested in cooking and you want to see to it that you have all the equipment that you need, then go through this list of Shun paring knives and invest in the one that will fit your kitchen needs. All of these knives are made out of high-quality materials and are manufactured using the best designs. Not only will they be easy to use; they will also make the task of preparing your food a breeze.

Comparison Table of 6 Best Shun Paring Knife in the Market

The 6 Shun Paring Knife Reviews

1. Shun DM0700 Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife

Shun DM0700 Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife

First up is the Shun DM0700 Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife. With its razor-sharp edge and high-carbon stainless-steel blade, this knife makes peeling, paring, and chopping so much easier. As a matter of fact, kitchen workers whose main roles involve skin removal, dicing, and trimming favor it.

The Shun classic paring knife uses 16 layers of stainless steel for a rust-free and rust-resistant product. This makes it dishwasher-safe and allows the user to enjoy the knife for years on end. The durable D-shaped handle also makes this paring knife easy to handle and control.

This Shun paring knife also comes with a 3-1/2-inch blade that has just the right length for paring tasks. The blade is rounded off with a piercing tip, a worthy addition that rounds off this knife’s flawless design.

Kitchen tasks that prioritize precision and control usually require this knife – one that is specifically designed and manufactured for intricate kitchen needs.

2. Shun DM0716 Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife

Shun DM0716 Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife

Another knife that will best suit peeling, chopping, and paring tasks is the Shun DM0716 Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife. In addition to its precision-forged blade and razor-sharp edge, this knife comes with a rust-free Damascus look that Shun knives are known for.

This knife model also has a D-shaped Pakkawood handle that makes it easy to control and steer. Users who invest in this paring knife do not have to worry about spending on other paring knives ever again because it comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturers.

The shun classic paring knife is manufactured using an ancient samurai-sword-making tradition that Japan is known for. As a result, the knife is not only packed with many traditional features, but it also incorporates a beautiful and precise design.

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This paring knife is a worthy addition to any chef’s tools because it presents the functionality and beauty of its samurai sword ancestors.

3. Shun Premier Paring Knife

Shun Premier Paring Knife

Those who do a lot of slicing and coring will make the best choice by purchasing a knife that also provides the benefit of adding a decorative touch to fruits and vegetables. The Shun Premier paring Knife 4-Inch packs all these benefits and a whole lot more.

This paring knife features a layered Damascus blade that comes with a striking, hand-hammered finish that is popular among the Japanese as the “Tsuchime” finish.

This kind of finish gives this Shun paring knife the capacity to reduce the drag that users experience when cutting, keeping the food from adhering to the blades.

It also comes with a handcrafted Pakkawood handle that provides comfortable and secure control. The Shun Premier Paring Knife 4-Inch is also dishwasher safe, but users also have the option of hand washing and air-drying. Kitchen workers will no longer need to buy another knife again because this unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Shun DM0753 Classic Perfect Paring Knife

Shun DM0753 Classic Perfect Paring Knife

Those who are looking for a knife that has a more classic design will benefit from buying a Shun DM0753 Classic Perfect paring Knife 4-Inch.

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This model uses a VG-10 stainless steel blade manufactured using 32 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. This guarantees that the knife will not rust and corrode no matter how it is used and no matter how long it is exposed to acidic food.

This best Shun paring knife model also guarantees an aesthetically stunning blade, with its Damascus steel and ultra-sharp 16-degree patterned and layered surface.

The black laminated Pakkawood handle provides maximum comfort and precision, reduces friction, and ensures maximum blade angle retention.

Users have agreed that this knife stays as beautiful and as functional as it is when it was manufactured despite years of use. With its special components, the Shun DM0753 Classic, Perfect 4-inch Paring Knife requires hand washing and drying and is provided with a limited lifetime warranty from its Japanese manufacturers.

5. Shun Reserve ND0700 Paring Knife

Shun Reserve ND0700 Paring Knife

The Shun Reserve ND0700 Paring Knife 3.5-Inch is ideal for coring, paring, and detailed delicate work for garnishes. If you are looking for a knife that you can use for preparing food for plating, then this knife should be on top of your list.

This unit balances Oriental and Western design benefits because it has just the right mix of Japanese precision and western-style knife architecture.

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The blade used for this unit also balances functionality and durability, with its ultra-premium micro carbide steel core. Despite the fact that the blade looks ultimately thin and fine, it has the unparalleled durability that Japanese knives are known for.

Unlike other Shun knife models, this paring knife comes with a 32-layer blade that provides precision cutting. A full tang construction, an inlaid crest, and a riveted charcoal Pakkawood handle complete the design of the Shun Reserve ND0700 Paring Knife 3.5-Inch.

6. Shun Ken Onion 3-Inch Paring Knife

Shun Ken Onion 3-Inch Paring Knife

The Shun Ken Onion 3-Inch paring Knife will complete your knife collection. This 30-inch paring knife comes with a narrow blade and a piercing tip that makes it ideal for aesthetic food preparation and plating.

This model is fitted with a VG-10 stainless-steel blade that comes with a 33-layer Damascus detailing. An ergonomic ebony Pakkawood handle finishes off the design and provides users with a steady grip and optimal control.

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This paring knife model is specially designed and created by Ken Onion, who is one of the world’s top knife designers. This ensures users that their knives are designed with the best use in mind and are packed with worthy features that make them one of the best paring knives on the market.

The Shun Ken Onion 3-Inch paring Knife is manufactured using the same high-quality materials that are used for the classic Shun collection, but this unit comes with more curves that make using and controlling it so much easier.


Going about your cutting, peeling, coring, and decorating needs will be so much simpler with the right knives as hand. The next time that you invest in a knife, make sure that it is one that belongs to the Shun paring knife collection.

Once you buy one, you will be getting a knife that will come with all the benefits that you need for just the right price.

Shun is a great affordable budget paring knife – I particularly like their 6-inch Chef’s Knife which is a favorite with line cooks and also culinary students. I tried to find out what makes me happy, so I looked for the best Shun paring knives.

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