Best Game Processing Knife Sets In 2021

  1. MOSSY OAK Hunting Top-Rated Game Processing Knife Set – 8-Piece
  2. Outdoor Edge High-Quality Deer Processing Knife Set – 12-Piece
  3. Mossy Oak Most-Affordable Fixed Blade Game processing Knife Set – 3-Piece
  4. Outdoor Edge Budget-Friendly Best Deer Skinning Knife Set – 8-Piece
  5. Mossy Oak Best-Budget Hunting & Best Meat processing knife set – 10-Piece

Best Game Processing Knives Set

1. MOSSY OAK 8-Piece Stainless Steel Hunting Portable Game Butcher Knife Set

MOSSY OAK 8-Piece Hunting Portable Butcher Game Processor Set
Knife Set Includes: 7.5″ caping knife, tungsten carbide v-sharpener, 9.5″ gut hook skinner, 8.7″ wood/bone saw, 10″ boning knife, steel stick/brisket spreader, and red game cleaning gloves.

Every blade on this set is contracted from 3CR13 stainless steel. These high-quality steels can hold their edge really well. In this set, there are so many tools that you can use for different purposes.

Bone and Wood Saw: 8.7″ the saw has a clever blunt hooked tip that helps you not break the intestines and bladder virtually, just to make sure that the meat quality is good after dressing. The T-handle improves proficiency hook tip. The comfort of this saw is amazing. 5″ serrations, 1.9mm thickness, 4.1 oz.

Caping Knife: 7.5″ caping knife with 3.4″ blade. It can be used for smaller games and it has a finger point that helps to slice precisely. 2.85 mm thickness, 2.8 oz.

Gut Hook Skinner: 9.4″ the knife of this blade is 3.9″ blade and it has a gut hook and the fine edge cut meat smoothly. 3.2 mm thickness, 6.3 oz.

The handle of all tools is made from a camouflage handle. All Knives are full tang so it makes them more comfortable to use in the dressing. It also keeps the best grip and balance. The best thing about this handle is that it doesn’t slip out from your hand when your hands are in roofed blood.

  • Every tool design to use in the field perfectly
  • The knives are super-sharp to cut meat
  • The tools you need to dress a game are available in this set
  • The handles feel good in the hand when you dress a game
  • The handle doesn’t slip from hand when your hands are covered with blood
  • The set comes with a durable box
  • The sharpener doesn’t work well
  • Not dishwasher safe, after washing dry it fast

2. Outdoor Edge 12-Piece Stainless Steel Deer Skinning Knife Set

Outdoor Edge 12-Piece Game Processing Knife Set

Knife Set Includes: gut-hook skinner, wood/bone saw, heavy-duty game shears, caping knife, butcher knife, cutting board, boning knife, tungsten carbide sharpener, game cleaning gloves in a hard-side carry case, ribcage spreader, and carving fork.

In this set, all blades are manufactured from 420J2 stainless steel, and every blade is full tang with perfect heat treated then razer-sharpen by hands to provide outstanding edge retention. This feature increases the blade’s durability and toughness.

The handles are made from thermoplastic elastomers and have given ergonomic shapes. These handles are so comfortable that it doesn’t slip when your hand gets wet. The design of the rubberized handles gives you balance and after long use, you still feel the most comfortable grip of these handles. The design of the rubberized handles gives you balance and you will feel the most comfortable grip of these handles even after long use.

  • For the money, it is an outstanding deal.
  • The knives hold their edge well.
  • You are getting more than you need.
  • The set comes with a good quality box.
  • Easy to clean, No hassle.
  • The saw gets dull fast.
  • As always, Not dishwasher safe.

3. Mossy Oak 3-Piece Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Game Hunting Knife Set

Mossy Oak 3-Piece Fixed Blade Game Hunting Knife Set

Knife Set Includes: 10″ knife with hook, 5″ large drop-point blade knife, 2″ small drop-point blade knife

The blades are fixed blades and are contracted with 3CR13 stainless steel. These knives have great hardness, strength, and rust resistance. Because of the weight being so balanced and the clip point, you can use it most comfortably. These knives are razor-sharp in a priestly way.

The knives designed for notched ergonomic handles help to prevent slipping from your hand. These handles have got a safety guard to protect your fingers and the finger grooves make them very comfortable when using. The set can be used for other purposes such as survival, fishing, and camping, other hunting.

The product provides a black oxford bag that you can use to carry them or store the knives. This bag has buttons closure and diagonal buckle closure which doesn’t help the knives to slip.

  • High-quality 3CR13 stainless steel blade material has been used
  • The knives are very sharp
  • The handles are super comfortable and grippy
  • Handles scale attested with rivets
  • Comes with an outstanding bag
  • Hand wash only, not dishwasher

4. Outdoor Edge 8-Piece Stainless Steel ButcherLite Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set

Outdoor Edge 8-Piece ButcherLite Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set

Knife Set Includes: T-handle wood/bone saw, caping knife, tungsten carbide sharpener, gut-hook skinner, ribcage spreader, game cleaning gloves, and boning/fillet knife.

These knives are full tang and made of 420J2 stainless steel. The outstanding feature of the blades is their superior edge holding with shaving sharp edges. These knives have been heat-treated on their ideal grade. Dressing a game is not an easy job so this set can help a lot.

The knife handles of this set are ergonomic and TPR handles. This means you won’t feel tired or exhausted when you keep using these knives for long periods of time. The handles are rubberized and because of this, the handle always stays in a grip even in wet hands. These handles have good balance and are so comfortable for dressing games.

This amazing knife set comes with a fantastic bag that can be used as a belt scabbard. Characteristics of this bag are all tools fit in the bag perfectly and it’s easy when you want to switch to another tool.

  • For the money, this set is pretty good
  • The blades are super sharp and have extreme edge retention
  • All you need to dress a game this set provided
  • Rubberized handles for superior grip and balance
  • Comes with an outstanding bag
  • The blade is insanely sharp, metal is a little bit thin and flimsy
  • Hand washes recommended, not dishwasher safe

5. Mossy Oak 10-Piece Stainless Steel Hunting & deer hunting knife set

Mossy Oak 10-Piece Hunting & Butcher Game Processing Set

Knife Set Includes: 10″ Butcher Knife, 7″ Caping Knife, 9″ Game Shears, HCS Knife Sharpener, 8″ Gut-hook Knife, 9″ Wood/Bone Saw, Red Game Cleaning Gloves, Cutting Board, Rib Spreader and 12″ Boning Knife.

The 3CR13 Stainless Steel has gone through a heat-treated process to upgrade its hardness and durability which helps the blades to hold their super sharp edges for a long time. These blades are designed to resist corrosion and have great balance and cutting strength.

In this set, the handles are rubberized, ergonomic, black coating with argyle pattern for non-slip grip when the hands are wet. The rubberized handle makes these tools more upgraded by giving outstanding comfort and holding grip without any hassle. Includes a lanyard hole that you can use in a variety of ways to enhance dressing in a game.

Comes with a Sturdy Black Plastic Box. This box can be used to store the tools and carry them outdoor.

  • The blades are razer-sharpen
  • Rubberized handle for excellent grip
  • You’ve got enough tools in this set to dress a game
  • This set comes with a Tough box
  • Every tool fits perfectly in box
  • Not dishwasher, safe hand wash only, dry quickly

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