Best Cheap Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool with reviews 2023

Probably many of you came across this thing on different sites or you already purchased the Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool – attracted by the affordability, simplicity, and small size.

Compared with the Tool Logic Survival Card, it is, admittedly, very cheap (2 bucks). But better let us see what is behind this fancy name.

If it’s the first time you see it, it shows like this:

SE 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool

If you are lazy to click to read the instructions, I will mention here what and how. So this mini tool would be provided with the following:

The usefulness of Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool

  1. Can opener
  2. Knife Edge
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Ruler
  5. Cap opened
  6. 4 Position wrench
  7. Butterfly wrench
  8. Saw blade
  9. Direction ancillary indication
  10. 2 Position Wrench
  11. Lanyard hole

I’ll try to write something about each one. I’ll have pictures for each, but I do not think this is a problem. First, let’s see what’s wrong with the canned opener.

1. Can Opener

The result? Honestly, I can not find any bugs. There’s nothing less than what is provided a Victorinox knife, for example. So does its job very well. However, I would say that this is an essential thing.

Any blade, even as those of clippers, so very small and relatively fragile, sells more than satisfactory cans.

2. Knife Edge

The blade comes sharp satisfactorily but steel quality seems desirable to leave, so it would be a great idea so who knows what subject it to the heavy stuff. Although hard to say what would be “difficult” for such a blade.

It is a super fine cutting string, cardboard, etc. In the Chapter wooden things are not so rosy, but here the main obstacle is a small size and ergonomic shape.

It’s a little difficult to exert some pressure on the blade and is, beyond any doubt, the most uncomfortable blade that you may have to do. So, the fantasy, I say try it on wood though.

With another wood to hit (batoning), we can also cut something, as shown in the picture. Using it as Chisel is relatively ok because stoically bear abuses – that as long as you can not confuse one of the edges with your fingers rather difficult matter.

Blade tip can be used to drill differently. At least in theory. In practical use is quite limited, as I think it suggests one picture.

3. Screwdriver

If you watched the pictures carefully, I think you would be caught here screwdriver, that one of the corners. Too many would have to say about it. Work while the screw is located in tight spaces – an unlikely thing because we all know that obilnuit screws are fairly inaccessible places (hence the classic form of screwdrivers).

4. Ruler

It is a “mini ruler” that measures 4 cm. Seems fair and I think that can be useful for certain things: marking various landmarks on the surface of wood you want to model something, the approximate size of animal tracks, etc. Can be measured and larger objects with little imagination. Not go into details.

5. Cap Opener

SE 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool

Works perfectly – but as a lighter, a dining corner, a metal pole, a knife, etc. You name it!

6. 4 Position Wrench

It’s four key dimensions for bolts/nuts. I checked to give you details about their size, but all I can say is that there are very precise. The biggest surprise was not between the screw head dimension. On the other, I have not checked, but I would not be surprised to have similar problems.

As with the screwdriver, here we are facing the same problem – totally useless in tight spaces where we do not have access to the screws/nuts in question.

7. Butterfly Wrench

Initially did not understand what it is. I’m talking about the slot that is close to the saw blade. Well, it seems to be for those nuts that are fitted with butterfly edges that can be tightened by hand.

Well good, but they can be tightened by hand, what better a thing for that? Redundancy at home.

Not to mention the fact that it’s a pretty big coincidence to find a small key like that to come exactly to size. So, it a pretty useless, which can at most decline in low tool weight and so. They thought, perhaps, that so you can exercise more power.

8. Sawblade

Show aggressive, and even once it runs out of your bag and get acquainted with the inside pocket or fingers. As for usefulness … hardly imagine a scenario where you might need it.

Would be a wise idea to be done with smaller teeth like those of bonfire. So to be made for metals. Or if not, at least there was a cell. Certainly would have been more useful.

I never took pictures with those teeth round. Wood, but I guess my word when I say it’s better to let it go than you start to cut with it. First, it’s too short, so you suck a race and in the 2 and row teeth are too big and too aggressive, so hang too bad wood.

9. Direction Indication Ancillary

Sounds good, looks cute, but that’s about it. I got hardly represents. Said improperly caught, because if not bad looking on the net dying. I’ve heard two versions.

The first was said to be helpful, and the dial was used along with a tiny compass, like those called “button compass.” Well, hold it, and I was curious enough that it entered into that abode.

The result? Compass is unnecessary, because once why metal surface closes needle gets disrupted and shown in weeds.

The other variant, most likely, says that is used together with a wire very easily, which is magnetized and that’s put into place that once we made sure that I put the tool on a flat, smooth, and I put 1-2 drops of water there.

Water droplets will create small surface tension in a wire, easy enough, will float. Sounds nice in theory, but in practice only a matter of fantasy and so, for me, at least, it seems that the utility is zero.

I tried this and found that metal thread, magnetic or otherwise, does not indicate any way north. Simply, every time it was introduced in the area, although properly floated, he always sat in one direction – with one end in the small gap that appears in that abode, and that no matter what position we put that thread. So, 0. If someone can contradict me, waiting for relevant arguments.

10. Position Wrench

Similar to position 6, except that we are dealing with two keys that would normally fit in some nuts/bolts smaller. Would normally say because who knows if they fit you. With that, I had enough patience. Same problem here. Useless in tight spaces – like most.

11. Lanyard Hole

And now, the long-awaited tool super tool. Tanaaaaammmm, “I present you the lanyard hole.” Here it would seem that we are dealing with a keyhole. Super idea. Only imagine how it feels to have the keys so many things sharp, and cling worse than a cat’s claws. If you keep in your pocket or what you have in them, do not you think.

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Good overall something fun to wear, but that’s just because it’s “wallet-friendly” small, light, and especially cheap. As for usefulness, it would seem that the name that it carries is more than pompous.

I’d give more than 2.5 stars / 5. And that’s more due to its affordability. Bonus? With a little luck lift and sparks from time to time with a flint, so you can turn a charred cloth if you are tortured enough.

I hope you enjoyed it. I did this so the review is more fun because I see that damn as what it claims to be.

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